Unsung Heroic Rise to Unity During Tough Times

Together We Survive,
Together We Prosper

Since 1957 our ancestors have fought for our independence and freedom which successfully form our current safe heaven, Malaysia. This cannot be done without the strength of unity among Malaysians regardless of ethnicity or status. Everyone included with none left behind.

Aku Anak Malaysia!

It is our responsibility to further strengthen the unity that tie us as one Malaysia. We must stand together and unite as one to protect our harmonious home together with our generation’s rich cultures. 

“Sedikit-Sedikit, Lama-Lama Jadi Bukit”

No matter how small the effort, it’s our responsibility & duty as Anak Malaysia to unite and break the barrier among us to support and help each other whenever needed.  

One Small Step For Rakyat, One Big Unity For Malaysia

Unity forms and starts from Everyone’s one small step of action. The unsung heroes do not chase fame or money but achieve self-actualization and leave a quality life legacy and role models for the next generation. 

Unstoppable Unsung Hero

An unsung hero breaks the communication barrier and builds a good circle of friends beyond ethnicity. They create the foundation of safe, harmonious country in which all rakyat benefits and grows together as genuinely Malaysian. 

Now It’s Your Chance As a Malaysian

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What is MyHero Award?

It is an award aiming to honour the Unsung Heroes/Heroines of Malaysia for their courageous act, contribution and dedication towards the community.

Organised by The Chinese Chamber of Commerce And Industry Of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor  (KLSCCCI). In hopes to promote and strengthen the nation unity and racial harmony as Unity is the Key To Prosperity.

Reasons We Should Pay Tribute To Our Unsung Heroes

Show your gratitude

Inspire others to do good deeds

Show people the best version of who we can be

Unite Malaysians, regardless of our ethnicity

Encourage people to join the communities

Inspirational Stories

A community of heroes serving a common goal.

You will receive a Certificate when you nominate;
Nominees will receive an Award when they win!

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